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We have excellent service contract with shipping lines it allow us to offer very competitive rates to our customers.

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I received all my stuffs here in Delhi on Sep 14, 2012. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you and your entire team in India also that I got all my items in good shape and good condition. I specifically want to thanks Mr. Chetan and Mr. Jai for their help and support.

Rajeev Kumar | State Bank of India | Branch Manager

I want to thank you for all the help and support you have proved all thru – from the time the shipment details were handed over to you from US, through the customs in Chennai and then getting the clearance in Bangalore.

It has been a wonderful experience working with you, you kept me informed at all stages and have been very patient with me all thought. The best thing is it was a hassle free experience with the customs department; you took care of all the formalities and kept me posted on each process and steps to deal with the Govt. procedures. I was amazed to see the kind of relationship you have maintained with the CONCOR staff, it is highly appreciable.

I appreciate the information and advice you have given me from time to time, as well as the specific tracking details from when it was about to reach Chennai and then till it was cleared in Bangalore. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process.

Thank you for all the assistance you have provided me to get my materials delivered to my home. There was very little time between the goods were cleared from Bangalore Customs and then to deliver at my residence – since I was travelling out of city for a vacation, but you went out of your way to make sure that the shipment reached my residence on time. Great Service!

Again, thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your great service.

World Wide:

Thanks for doing a wonderful job in packing and shipping the goods in proper condition, it was a peaceful process right from the pickup from Fremont and delivery in Bangalore. I appreciate your great service and the courteous staff who kept me informed at all stages as to how things were moving. I will be happy to refer my friends to avail your service.

Subrat Sahu

Please accept my sincere thanks to you and your team for making an effortless relocation from US to India.

Special thanks to your Chennai team led by Mr. Rasheed. He was very professional and worked with me to complete all tasks. Northstar Moving at Los Angeles was also exemplary in rendering a truly great service.

Padmakumar M Nair | Senior Vice President & Head | SBI Capital Markets Limited

Thanks very much for your help in getting my household items delivered to India in a timely manner and in good condition.

I do have some more items to ship, like Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer, Dishwasher. Is it possible now? Can this be done using the TR process?

Please let me know.

Purush Rudrakshala | IBM

Thanks to this forum, I had successfully shipped my goods from Tulsa, OK to Chennai through World Wide Shipping without any hassles. Service by Worldwide shipping team was excellent. Thanks to the team Rakesh & Anand in Long Island and Satish and his teammate in Chennai.

Anoop K Chatiyode | Lucent Technologies

I received my cargo last night at my residence in Bangalore.
Please accept my sincere thanks for your excellent service. Convey my thanks to Mr.Shivakumar,Mr.Ganesh and Mr.Deepak.

Gopi | Patni Technologies

Hope all is well. I wanted to take to tell you that we have received all our 36 boxes of items in safe and intact condition. We are extremely pleased about the services you all have provided.

I also would like to take a few moments to thank few people who have done excellent work.

Anand : One of the main reason I chose World Wide Shipping is the fact that you explained the various nitty-gritty’s patiently and to my satisfaction. The references you have provided, talked highly about you all as well. Your timely response from the initial discussion during the sales cycle , all the way to providing arrival details , is well appreciated. While you remained 'one-face-to-the customer’, I could very well understand the amount of orchestrated coordination required at the back office to make things happen seamless and on time . I also want to mention the resources you sent for packing, did excellent work - simply superb packing and handling! Please convey our thanks to them as well.

Satish kumar and Sivaraman : These two people have done wonderful work and made it finally happen in Chennai. While at times I have been extremely demanding, they kept cool and finally delivered the goods to our satisfaction. I have found them highly skilled and thorough professional in this area. They made the custom inspection and other formalities so simple and took care of all things involved. The resources they provided to carry the items to our home , did excellent work. I appreciate the trouble they took to deliver the items late at night . They kept the promise.

Please also convey my thanks to others who worked at the back office. You all did wonderful work and made me a very satisfied customer.
Good luck to you guys, keep up the good work !

Subrata | Wipro

This is to relate my experience with Worldwide Shipping.

We decided to move back to India (Bangalore) around Aug timeframe. I checked up with 3 common vendors (Worldwide, Air7Seas, Sky2C). Did a lot of research on the site to find out who a good vendor was. I was looking for similar articles posted on experiences with these folks and found that Worldwide had the minimal number of “bad” experiences – So, I decided to go ahead with Worldwide.

My experience with Worldwide from Day 1 was great – it is truly a professional company and Shyam Kumar handled it with utmost efficiency. Worldwide gave me a quote which was definitely $300/400 more expensive than others but in the end, I realized (this was mentioned to me by Shyam as well during my negotiations) that I didn’t have to go through any headaches – things went on very smoothly for us.

Worldwide had indicated that it would take 40 days for our Container to reach Bangalore. Well, it took 55 days and it was OK with us because we had to find a place anyways (an apartment or a home) to load all the stuff and it would have taken some time to accomplish this.

WorldWide also has an office in Bangalore and coordinating with the folks in Bangalore (on Status, procedures, etc.) was not a problem at all.

Note that you MAY find articles on “bad” experiences with WorldWide and other vendors – these are a result of our expectations/personalities (how tolerant we are when dealing with Vendors in general) and delays/other things that are beyond someone’s control – However, I can guarantee that Worldwide would do their job to the best of their abilities in making you a happy customer.

Easwaran Umamaheshwaran


I wanted to complete the circle by detailing all my experiences with WorldWide shipping and their agent in Bangalore, End2End. I posted in the past under the name "Taramani Nair", "TaramsNair" etc. I posted my experiences in the US with WorldWide earlier. I'm attaching that email later here. If you have any questions, you can contact me at

Summary: I relocated from Redmond WA to Bangalore India during the period June-August 2002. I had WW pack and move my stuff out of my place in Redmond on June 25th. It was delivered in Bangalore on Aug 7th or so. Everything went off perfectly. Both Haresh at WW and their agents End2End (represented by Kingson) in Bangalore are thorough professionals in this field. I strongly recommend working with them if you can afford their slightly higher fees.

Details that are relevant:

* I had a full container load that came all the way to Blore by train. It was opened in my presence. The customs officer opened the container and had the labor open each box, check it, seal it and put it into another empty container that was placed next to my container. After all the goods had been moved, the new container was sealed in my presence.
* The customs inspection is quite elaborate. They will open all your boxes. I had very detailed packing lists prepared and it helped me tremendously while dealing with the customs officers.
* I didn’t have to pay any bribes - that is because I was ready to pay the legal duty amount. The officers in general are quite straight forward at least if you deal with them in a straightforward way. They came off as quite professional.
* Be prepared to waste an entire day at the customs office. Time-wise they're a real pain.
* The customs people didn’t bother me with demands for the receipts. I had one DVD player, one computer and one music system (high end). I paid a total duty of Rs 21500 or so at 30% of the full value of the goods.
* The basic customs rule is as follows:All USED household goods which are non-electronic - no duty
* All NEW goods - elec or non-elec - 60% duty
* All USED electronic goods - 30% duty For new goods, you may be able to get away by saying that it is 6 months old. However it’s not clear how much they'll accept that. If you're a paranoid person, I suggest getting rid of the original packing of new goods and putting it among clothes to make it appear used.
* End2End is an extremely professional company. However it did surprise me that they are the local agents for WW, Sky2C and Air7Seas. So there goes the differentiating factor - the Indian agent is the same (at least for Blore). I hope whatever price Haresh is quoting is justified by the service he provides in the US.
* If there are any more questions please email me directly. I might not check the forum very often. So please email me at Here is the first part of my review - I posted it a few months ago.

Ajit Rao

I am r2i'ing this summer from Redmond WA to Bangalore India. I wanted to share my experiences with searching for a good shipping company and with getting my goods on their way to India (the first part of the journey).

My goods left for India on June 25th. The planning had started in February or so. I contacted 3 companies - Air7Seas, Sky2C and Worldwide, because all 3 post helpful pointers on this forum and have had decent reviews here. The quickest response to my initial e-mail was from Haresh at Worldwide (20 minutes I think). The others replied a few days from then. The initial conversations were mostly questions from me and answers from them - in all cases Haresh's response - by email and phone were exceptionally quick and very useful. Based on my communications with him, I decided on a Full container Load (FCL) from Redmond (near Seattle) to Bangalore. I got quotes from all 3 companies. I must say Haresh's was on the higher side, but a little bit of ribbing by email and phone was helpful in bringing the quote down to a more reasonable figure.

Regarding the expenses: The most unacceptable part of the expense for me was the packing and loading expense in Redmond. Since it was almost a third of the total, I told Haresh that I'd like to pack my boxes myself, and choose a company on my own for the loading and furniture-packing part.

Haresh agreed and we decided on "Careful Movers" based on some local recommendations. It turned out that they were careful but not necessarily very professional. They gave us some trouble about having the check on their table before they send their truck out, but eventually relented. The tough part of the move (at least on the US side) is to co-ordinate the moves of the companies involved (WorldWide, the packer, the trucker who hauls the container to your house and maybe the shipping company). Haresh did most of this for us. Overall from the day the negotiations began to the day the goods were shipped out, he remained in very good contact with us - by phone mostly - keeping us informed of any problems/change in plans etc.

On the day of the move, everything went off without a hitch. The furniture was packed, the container arrived to my apartment on time, all the goods were loaded, and the container left on time. Haresh was in constant touch by cell phone throughout. I understand that the container left the port within a week of the pickup.

General info that may be useful:

* You can put your own lock on the container, I did.
* 20ft container was a lot more than I needed. We sent all our stuff (accumulated over 10 years and in a 2-bedroom apartment) and still used up less than a 1/2 of the container.
* The payments to Worldwide were: advance (about 1/4) before the move, remaining US expenses right after the truck left, and Indian part - yet to be paid in India.
- So far it has been great. I have nothing but praise for Haresh's professionalism. He has assured us of the best service possible, in India. We'll see how it goes and I'll keep you all posted.
Meanwhile, do the planning and make the move, guys! See you all in India!

Mr and Mrs Taramani Nair

Thanks a lot for your excellent services in regard to shipping of my household goods from New York to Bhubaneswar.
I received the goods in perfect shape and packing was excellent.
I am also extremely thankful to your agents in India namely Mr Ravi Kumar of Bangalore and Mr Prakash who were very concerned about the job and timely release and forwarding of the consignment.
Please keep it up.

D.K.Meher | Bank Of India

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year.
Sorry for the delay in responding to your email. Last week was the custom clearance of my items which went about smoothly.   All the items reached Chennai port without any problems or damage.

Mr. Satish Kumar at Chennai was very helpful.  He transported all the things the very next day of custom clearance and we got all the items in perfect condition in a day (Chennai to Coimbatore).

I am very impressed and happy with the high quality of service Worldwide provided.  It is very rare that one comes across companies that provide such high quality of service.  I would surely use Worldwide's services in future and would recommend Worldwide Ocean & Air Shipping Lines, Inc to everyone.

I will be happy to provide you with an official recommendation letter if you so desire.  Please do let me know if you need one.

Vineet Gupta, Ph.D. | Project Manager | Soliton Automation Pvt. Ltd.

How r u doing?
I recd. the consignment in good condition at my door step. I'm thankful to you for providing me high quality of service. I'm going to mention this positively on the web-site 'ReturnToIndia.Com'.

Ravi Krishnamurthy | GE Solutions

I would like to thank you for the safe delivery of my goods from Sunnyvale to Bangalore without any damages. Though my goods got delayed, I am quite happy and satisfied at the professional approach about your team at each point of time.
Special thanks to Mr. Kingson who kept me informed about the shipment status every now & then. I am particularly impressed with his professional approach and his support to the customer. I am also pleased with the efforts of Ramesh, who had toiled all day to get things cleared at customs and also the delivery boys Jagadish and Deepak.
I would certainly recommend Worldwide Ocean and Air Shipping Lines to my friends. In all, it was a great team effort to move goods across the globe.


We moved in mid-Feb'03 from Atlanta to Delhi. We shipped through World Wide Shipping. Our contact person in NY was Anand Buch, who was quite helpful.
The shipment arrived in Delhi before time without any damage and Mr. Rajeev Mehrotra and his team was quite helpful in custom clearance.
We have been very pleased with their service.

Amit & Neha

This mail is to thank you for the excellent service provided in shipping my consignment from NJ, USA to Hyderabad, India. The service was door to door in true sense. Both your teams at USA and India were forthcoming and helpful in their correspondences and services. All articles reached intact. We can have a good sleep now.Keep up the great work.

Arup and Meenakshi | GE Industrial Systems

Recently I moved from Portland, OR to India and used the services of Worldwide Shipping to transfer my goods.

I gave them my goods in the last week of Januaryand received them in Bangalore in the first week ofMay. It took about 3 months to receive the goodseven though I was told it would take about 2 months initially. I think it was delayed a bit because ofthe origin - Portland, OR. One will receive the goods within 2 months if he lives in a big city inthe US. In any case, I did not mind the wait as I had to settle down in Bangalore. Worldwide was very helpful through out the shippingprocess. They were knowledgeable and cautious inthe approach and have set the correct expectationsregarding Customs Duty. Their agent in India was very helpful in clearing the shipment from Customsin BLR. They work well with the customs officialsand have taken care of everything in advance. I hadgood experience with Worldwide overall.

Customs advise: Do not carry too much electronicsif you really dont need them all, it just increasesthe duty amount you have to pay. Also, do not takeany electronic items that are not working. Customs does not care if they work or not, you just will have to pay the duty. Even the shipping agent willnot be able to do anything.

I paid very little duty as I took only a homecomputer, a scanner, and a microwave. Please notethe duty on your computer will be 60% if you do not take a monitor. On a full system, the duty is 50%. Isn't it funny?


I am in receipt of my shipment.  The shipment arirved in Bangalore on May 16th, and the formalities were completed  by May 22 and the shipment arrived at my door on May 23rd.  Everything went well with the customs and the shipment was handled professionally by your agent, end2endsolutions,  in Bangalore.
I would like to express my deepest thanks and appreciation of your work and wish you a continued success in your business.
I would like to remind of the request I had made with you regarding the transformers.  Please email me if you will be able to send the shipment to me.

Ravi Gopal

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