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We have excellent service contract with shipping lines it allow us to offer very competitive rates to our customers.

Customer Reviews

Thanks for the Diwali wishes. Same to you and your family / employees (Especially Mr. Ganesh) from us.
We received all our things intact as far as we have checked. Please let me know how much time we have to report any damages as we have not opened all the boxes yet.
You can definitely use our name as a reference for your future business as we are very satisfied except for the fact that our shipment got delayed by 3 weeks and it put a lot of changes into our plans. Well, it happens.
Thanks for all your help. Will definitely use your company's services in case myself or someone in our family needs it in future.
NOTE: My mother was very happy with the services of Mr. Satish as she was the one who went to clear our shipment.

Subbu / Shoba

We received our consignment at our home this evening. We appreciated the professional service we experienced both in USA and in Chennai (from Mr.Satish).
Thanks very much. If we have any friends returning from USA to India, we will refer them to you. It was great doing business with you.

Dinesh Thirumurthy

I received the shipping consignment on Nov 1st and it was delivered on the same day. Sathish from your Chennai office was of much help and the entire transaction was completed without any problems.


This is to let you know that I have received all my consignment (NYCHI3243) intact and without any damages. The entire process right from packing my household stuff in Atlanta to delivery at my place in Chennai/Erode was very smooth. Sathish Kumar (Chennai contact person) was extremely helpful and very professional in his dealings. I really appreciate all his efforts and coordination in getting the consignment cleared and delivered at my home without delay and damage. Your entire organization and personnel have been professional and courteous and was able to make this important move for me and my family simple and comfortable. I would definitely recommend Worldwide for all transactions that my friends may have in future.
It was a pleasure doing business with you and keep up the good work.

Ponnusamy Anand

I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting the luggage safely to Gwalior. I had some minor spills and it was because of the heat in the container-it was like an oven when we opened it in Delhi.
But all the same-Thank you. Will recommend your company name to all my colleagues in Embassy of India, Washington DC

Annie G Mathew

Thanks a lot for your support and help in getting the package cleared from Customs and also for delivered the same at home with no-hassle. 
The pick-up and delivery of my household items by Worldwide Ocean and Air Shipping Lines has been quite satisfactory. 

Vijeya Shankher DG

I got all the goods safely last night, one day ahead of the promised deadline. The people who delivered were very courteous. I appreciate it. Thank you very much!


Hope you are in the best of health. Me and my family have settled very well in Hyderabad. Thanks to your help for shipping our belongings both the times. I remember, it got delayed a bit during the first shipment, but nevertheless your efforts and service from the USA was excellent, and becasue of which I am mailing you today.
My cousin, Anup Ramani (also copied on this email) wishes to move back to India. He currently resides in Minneapolis and will be ready to move as soon as his home gets sold. I recommended him to work with you because I have personally gotten great service from you. I would really appreciate it, if, you could work him and give him the best possible deal you can.
Please keep in mind that Anup is a family member and this will be our third shipment thru you and so he should get the deepest discounts and the best possible service.


I am writing back after a long time, but I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the service provided by your company for moving my stuff from SFO to Bangalore. Overall process went smoother than I had expected. Apart from some minor communication issues, which certainly can be ignored, I believe that the move could not have been done in any better way.


I received the shipment in India yesterday and I am very happy with the service provided from Worldwide shipping. I really appreciate your customer service both in India and in USA. I would definitely recommend Worldwide shipping to my friends.
Sathish and Sivakumar from India were very helpful in delivering the freight in India. Thanks for all your effort !
I really appreciate your time and effort and Iam glad that I did business with worldwide shipping.

Anuradha Natarajan

I like to thank you for your services and help during my recent relocation of household items from New Jersey. The services provided by Wordlwide and End2EndLogistics were very professional and courteous all through the process. I appreciate your help and support during customs inspection and clearance. Your boys did an excellent job delivering and arranging all the packages at my destination residence. Thanks very much. I will be happy to refer Worldwide to my friends who will have a need.

G. Venkatasubramaniam

I would like to confirm that my shipment has reached my place safe and sound. Thanks for the wonderful service. It was very smooth.  
I would definitely recommend any of my friend who may require similar service.
Once again thanks a lot.
I once again thank you and your team for the pleasant experience.

Deepak Athalye

It was a great experience availing services of Worldwide shipping to move my stuff from US. All your staff I had interacted with were extremely helpful.

Saravanan Madurai Paramasivan | Head-HR (Chennai Region) | Tata Consultancy Services

I want to commend the great work done by two of your employees - Rafeeq and Roshan today with getting my goods cleared through customs in Bangalore. Bank strikes and slow customs officials are forces of god that no one can control. Rafeeq did a great job getting my goods put through speedy assessment and customs duty. This one days' experience has elevated my impression about your employees and their service level. Rafeeq has been very prompt and proactive in calling me and informing me about status updates (to the point where I was able to go get some lunch while we waited for the customs officer showed up). He later called me on my mobile to tell me that he had gotten the Customs duty finalized and signed by the Asst. Commisioner. The final duty was less than what I had expected.


I echo Yogesh's feedback on both Rafeeq & Roshan.
Despite the challenges pertaining to the customs staff; their professionalism, demeanor and the overall handling of customs duty was truly exemplary. The sense of ownership, proactiveness and service excellence demonstrated by your staff nullifies all disappointment that I had with the delay of goods.
Just like Yogesh; you now have another ambassador & hopefully; our "word of mouth" publicity should help you garner more business.

Deep Thomas | Head | HBUS HDPI Analytics  HSBC Global Resourcing

I received the shipment and everything went great. All the staff supported well and Customs clearance went very smoothly. Thank you very much for your support and I really appreciate all your guidence.
I am still waiting on the other sofa set, I hope you already sent them out on Aug 30th according to this email. If any changes please let us know.

Balaram and Latha.

THANKS, we received our shipment yesterday night. Rafeeq worked very hard to get that done despite many holidays and hassles. Great job on this and many thanks to Rafeeq and Roshan for their perseverance.

Siva K Vittala

I would be glad to give my feedback about the shipping service I received through Worldwide4Shipping & E2E.
What I liked:
1. Simple and straight forward pricing as opposed to confusing hourly rates based price from other companies where you couldn't tell how much you will finally end up paying for the service.
2. Container placed in front of my house in the USA over the weekend giving me time to add more stuff after the movers left.
3. Competitive pricing
4. Although a little 'stiff' in the beginning the movers in USA did a wonderful job of utilizing the container space and loading them to my satisfaction.
5. Ganesh immediate followup addressing my concerns about a prior customer's negative feedback on the internet was very impressive.
6. Rayan's patience in addressing my question through out the move process.
7. Friendly Lakshmi Narayanan's professional handling of the customs bureaucracy in Chennai and orchestrating the rest of the process in chennai.
Chennai Unloading team's great attitude.  I tipped them despite Lakshmi Narayanan's advice that was not necessary.
What could have been better:Package mishandling by the Chennai Custom's loaders right in front of your eyes was disheartening - stepping on cardboard boxes squishing them (at least 2 of them), stepping on tote boxes (at least 3 of them) and breaking them, stepping on children's toy box and breaking the spines of the lid deforming with no possibility of restoring it.  This is especially so that when you think of the fact that the contents had travelled thousands of miles in great shape and in the last few miles things seem to go out of control. One of the squished cardboard box contained our kid's home videos from when they ware babies.  Miraculously they survived - most likely because the dvds were packed in CD bag instead of individual jewel cases.  I will be continuing the unpacking this weekend, if not all, at least the remaining mishandled boxes.
A question on this note to Ganesh/Rayan:  How much time do I have if I were to place an insurance claim?  This is only in case I find damaged items whose total values exceed considerably above the deductible.
Weighing all the possitives and the negatives I would rate the overall service close to 'Excellent' assuming I don't find any valuable goods damaged.
Hope my detailed feedback was helpful.


Thanks for the followup. All the good have reached safely I have to commend for an excellent job done.
Thank you very much for taking care of this move. As you can see I have already referred two of my friends to use your service Subbu (bangalore) Raj Kannan (Delhi)
keep up the good work. Thank you Umesh for making everything seamless in India. Your customer service has been outstanding.


I appreciate the efforts by your team in ensuring that my packages reached Bangalore safely from New York. Everything is fine and we are very happy with the service provided. I have passed on a similiar feedback to my office in NY.

Tarun Jacob George.

Thank you for the email, I am highly impressed with the service provided by Mr. JP and his staff, he was prompt in getting in touch with me and updating me regarding arrival of my goods, custom clearance right through delivery, also the goods were delivered on time and the day it was promised. Excellent service by your team, thank you for the great work. I will definitely recommend WorldWide Shipping and your company in future to my friends and family.

Sailesh G.

Sorry for the delayed response.
We have received all the boxes and are happy with your service. I have already included our satisfactory comments in your feedback form.
In case I plan to move back to US next year, I will definitely consider you.

Sunil M.

I would like to thank you for the excellent service. All my apprehensions and worries around the shipping was well taken care of, through great service and follow-up. I could only say, you could improve your pellatization, so that the volume is better optimised (I had sent details of how to arrange to best fit the size).
I would have no second thoughts on vouching for your business to any of my friends.

Sudarsan, M K

First let me take the opportunity to thank you, Raffiq and Roshan for the fantastic job done in helping us with relocation. You guys are awesome and without any doubt I can say you guys have made our relocation very smooth and both Rafiq and Roshan deserve a big credit for their fantastic job in handling and communicating to us the status from time to time and ensuring our goods reached safe to destination.
I specially recognize all of you for helping me in delivering on THU (in spite of challenges) and helping me with paper work at customs.
Without hesitating your company will be my preferred choice for any future shipment and also refer any friend to you.
Today I tried to call you to say Thank you and unfortunately couldn't get your number and will try again. I will also call Rayan to let them know how wonderful our shipping experience was and the great job done by India team.

Kesva Regulagedda

Thank you for excellent service provided. All our goods have been safely delivered. I will definitely be recommending your service to my colleagues and friends, looking to move back to India. I might also contact you sometime in June 2009, when I make the move back to India.


We really got a wonderful service from your people here at Bangalore, particularly Mr. Rafique and his team and they did all efforts for a smooth clearance .
We are happy that we did this assignment with you, and we will look forward to working with you again and recommending to others.

Pradeep Surana

First of all my heartfelt "THANKS" to your quality service which has been delivered by your team starting from the proposal to delivering the stuffs at my door step.
I am here by confirming that all the goods I sent from USA  have been delivered to my house without any damage.Appreciate your  teams professionalism and the dedication in giving the update at each stage and executing your work at its best.
My special , BIG THANKS to Mr. Rafeeq for coordinating  all the activities after the shipment reached at Bangalore. Without him, the custom process and other transport arrangements never had been easy that itself in my hectic official schedule. He and Roshan personally came to my office and get the signatures and took me to the customs office and to the ware house   and made everything so smooth. Frankly speaking I never thought I ever get such a superb service  from  any agencies..But I got it from your crew..
Thanks again for all the helps and I surely give your references to my friends and colleagues and others who need a quality shipping service in an affordable price.
Please send a word to Mr. Ganesh, who sits in  Newjersey office. He also offered a wonderful service to me in USA  and request you to pass my heartfelt thanks and word of appreciation to him.
Wish you all the very best.  Happy New Year!!


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for helping us with our transfer from NYC to Mumbai. We were very apprehensive of the whole transfer and more worried about the goods that we had shipped since we had heard horror stories online and from people who had moved. However the whole experience with your team right from the time of signing the initial contract to packing of the goods in NY and the transit, customs and destuffing in Mumbai with the delivery was excellent. You have made our move a lot easier. I will recommend you whole heartedly to anyone and everyone.
Once again thank you a job well done and making it a wonderful experience. With a special mention thanks to Ganesh, JP & Murli. Pl. let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in the future.


My wife sheetal informed me that shipment reached Pune. I really appreciate the effort JP did for supplying additional hands at that late hour. It is my understanding that the unloading of the shipment was done in a professional and efficient manner and i would definitely recommend ur company to any of my colleagues who are planning to ship back to India. Thx again, especially the folks in India for resolving the customs and the delivery issues.


How are you? I greatly appreciate your communication and your skill to handle my Shipping baggage’s which came from U.S.A.
I am totally satisfied the way you handled with Custom officers to clear my baggage’s.
Please I request all those who are concerned or related to this matter to consider Refeeq a good resource in your company.
Again thank you very much and I will recommend to my close friend's to use your shipping corporation if they need.


The shipping experience with you was really good. Services were excellent, beyond my expectation.
1. Regular updates on cargo status.
2. Immediate response on any clarification.
3. Patient with the customer.
4. Care in handling the cargo. Particularly house hold stuffs means a lot to individual and you people know that.
My special thanks to all specially to Ganesh, Sunitha and Sahadev for making the shipment hassle free.
There will be no second thought recommending your name if any one ask for similar type of jobs.

Tara Sahoo

This is to inform you that I received my consignment on April 22, 2009. I must tell you that I am extremely pleased with the extraordinary professionalism that you have shown and  the prompt service that you have delivered at every stage of the entire process, from booking to delivery of my consignment. You will definitely be my first choice in my future requirements and I will not hesitate recommending you to others. I wish you very best of luck.

Asish Das

My shipment arrived couple of days ago. All the boxes have been delivered per schedule.
I would like to thank you and your team, especially Mr.Jaiprakash at this end for making this move effortless on my end. All the procedures were taken care of on my behalf and the boxes arrived on the said day.
Thanks for sending the insurance claim procedure in your e-mail. It should help us out to a great extent should there be a need to claim something. I have not opened all the boxes yet but I do hope that all the stuff has arrived in one piece.
Thank You again for providing an excellent service and making my relocation as simple as possible.

Sanjay Patwardhan

This is to confirm that M/S Worldwide Ocean & Air Shipping Lines to whom I had entrusted the job of shipping my house hold articles from New York to Bangalore, have delivered all the articles handed over to them in good shape without any damage. I am fully satisfied with their service and have no claim / deduction of charges to be made to them.
I shall appreciate a line of confirmation in this regard.

Ranganthan A CC : Mr.Ganesh  The service rendered by Mr.Rafeeq has been impeccable and very efficient. But for some hitches at Bangalore customs, which I could manage, the entire process, both Air & Ocean shipment delivery, was very smooth and as planned. My appreciation also goes to other personnel of your establishment who I did not interact with but are responsible in handling my shipping.    CC Mr.Rafeeq Ahmed  Rafeeq, it was a job very well done. My wife tells me that all the items are intact and you precisely delivered the cargos at the appointed time. Thank you very much.

We are pleased to inform you that our shipment came and we are already in possession of our items. Thank you very much for all your efforts. The process was very smooth. We are very satisfied with your excellent service both in USA and in India. All your staff were courteous and accommodating. We would certainly recommend your service to our friends and relatives.
Once again thank you very much for your service.with warm regards


I would like to take some time and express my complete satisfaction in the entire process of shipping my house hold items from New Jersey, USA to Chennai, India.
Right from the word GO, you have been very professional in every stage of the process i.e, Providing the Quotation, Pricing, Arranging for the pick up of boxes from home in New Jersey.
After I reached India, I was waiting for the shipment. Mr.Lakshmi Narayana called me, informed me that the shipment reached Chennai and advised all the formalities needed. Every step in the process of clearing customs, delivering the goods to my Home in Chennai were carried out with exceptional professionalism by Mr.Lakshmi Narayana & Team. I received the entire shipment in-tact (as packed @ USA), without even a single item disturbed inside the boxes.
I am very thankful to my friend, Mr.Ramesh Kumar Koona, who suggested Worlwide Shipping to me. I have started suggesting your name to some of my friends who are looking for shipment logistics from USA to India.
Excellent Job by the entire team. Keep It up !!!


I am happy to say that my packages reached at my door step safely. In Bangalore, despite the many hassles at customs,  Rafiq did a great job in handling the issues and was able to able to get my packages delivered. He and the company was proactive and prompt in contacting and keeping us posted and ensuring that the packages reached safely and in time. I would definitely recommend this company's service for anybody considering an international move.

Nivi K

Thanks much for your dedicated service. I am pleased with your Service hence referring one of my friend who is also looking to ship Stuff from USA. I am cc'ing Srini here with; he will be in touch with you guys.

Ramesh Thamaraj

This is to place on record my appreciation for the high quality of service that your company and Mr. Shyam Kumar (in the US) have rendered to me in clearing my consignment recently. I look forward to using your freight services again in the near future.

Shantanu Basu | Raleigh | NC United States

Thanks a lot for your services and the way you have efficiently handled my baggage and all proceedings after its arrival in india. i am very satisfied with your services hope to use your services again in the future.

sqn ldr saharan

Thank you for your e-mail.  It is with great appreciation that I would like to acknowledge the excellent services and support rendered by Mr Rafiq and his assistant (supervisor).  The follow-up at every stage was very good.  Congratulations for having such wonderful staff.
Please note that the entire shipment has arrived safely, and in good condition.

Rabia Mathai

I am very pleased with the services provided. From initial discussions with Worldwide, pick up of the delivery at NJ, regular updates provided by you in India, interaction at customs department and finally the delivery, thew whole experience was very pleasant. Everybody I interacted with at Worldwide (Ganesh), Yourself, Ravinder and Narottam were very courteous and helpful.

Manish Khanna | Tata Consultancy Services

This is Srikrishnan Mahadevan who recently transported the goods from USA(San Jose, CA) to India (Bangalore).
I would like to thank you and your team for a good job done.
Right from the Quote process, every step in the whole process was very smooth.
Rakesh did an excellent job during the quote explaining us different options and come up with a reasonable quote that is affordable. The packers and the movers did a very good job in USA.
On arrival at India, Saril was very prompt. Rafeeq(The clearing agent) was awesome. He did a marvellous job in keeping me updated about each step when it arrived in India. I enjoyed interacting with Rafeeq and his knowledge about customs and immigration helped us a lot to smoothly pass the customs clearance. Excellent work Rafeeq.
Ravi was involved in getting the delivery to home and he was doing a good job as well.
Overall, an excellent team work.
On the outside, I have not seen any major damages on the furniture. However, I have not opened the boxes one by one. Once I open those boxes, if there are any major damages I will let you know. Till so far, I think it has been good.

Srikrishnan Mahadevan

I have received all my packages safely. Except some delay and midnight delivery(the packages were delivered at 12:30 midnight), everything was fine. Thank you very much for handling the packages with care.
I haven't opened all the packages, but they look fine from outside.


I got my shipment from Seattle, USA to Mysore, India using the services of Worldwide Shipping. I contacted them in Seattle after a recommendation from a good friend of mine there. Sure enough it was a good recommendation in that their service was an excellent one and the entire shipment process was done timely and very efficiently. I had continuous contact with them via phone and e-mail in Seattle as well as in Mysore and they were very responsive and helpful and knew the procedure in detail. In USA, my main contact was Mr. Rakesh Kumar who helped me in the process. He even recommended  to pack the stuff myself to save some money ( I had only 41 pieces, a relatively small package). He gave all the needed directions to pack and I did that with ease. The shipment was picked up from Seattle on time. I was able to have it even stored there for a few months prior to shipment to India. I was able to continuously track the shipment as well.
Once it arrived in Chennai, I was informed to contact Mr. Rafiq Ahmed in Bangalore. I contacted him and he knew the procedure there as to how to get custom clearance and other details and he arranged to have the shipment delivered to Mysore as promised. Mr. Rafiq made the process look simple though it was not so.
I thank the Worldwide Shipping, Mr. Rakeshkumar and Mr. Rafiq in particular for being very professional in their services  and for making the shipment a joyful experience. I would recommend the services of Worldwide Shipping to anybody who needs it. Thanks again,

Rama Joisa

My goods have reached home safely, the entire ordeal the day my goods arrived in bangalore was very hectic, Rafiq was helpful at his job.
Overall it was a satisfactory job.

Duke Nanaiah 


Thankyou for understanding. You have great customer service.
I have availed your service earlier in 2008 also and had great experience. I have also recommended your service to 3/4 people in my organisation


I have been meaning to send out a final email updating everyone but I couldn't since the last i was dotted just yesterday evening (which has been the characteristic of the whole story :)) when I received my customs duty receipt.
But all's well that ends well. I am very happy and pleased that, albeit later than all expectations, all our stuff we shipped from the US made it home in Bangalore safely. The people who did the delivery, unloading and putting together the large pieces of dismantled furniture were great.
I would like to specially thank Rakesh Kumar for his incredible response and help while I was in the US and also here at the last moment (couple of weeks ago when a nod from him was needed to make things happen) even though it was the start of his long weekend. Thanks, Rakesh.
Thanks to Mr. Lakshinarayanan for taking care of the customs process in Chennai and quickly dispatching the shipment to Bangalore.
Finally, I extend my personal thanks to Anjana for her patient support throughout all the uncertainties and ups and downs for several weeks. Anjana, though it may not have seemed like I did, I want you to know that I definitely appreciated all your efforts. You are an asset to your organization.


I received all my stuffs here in Delhi on Sep 14, 2012. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you and your entire team in India also that I got all my items in good shape and good condition. I specifically want to thanks Mr. Chetan and Mr. Jai for their help and support.

Rajeev Kumar

I want to thank you for all the help and support you have proved all thru – from the time the shipment details were handed over to you from US, through the customs in Chennai and then getting the clearance in Bangalore.
It has been a wonderful experience working with you, you kept me informed at all stages and have been very patient with me all thought. The best thing is it was a hassle free experience with the customs department; you took care of all the formalities and kept me posted on each process and steps to deal with the Govt. procedures. I was amazed to see the kind of relationship you have maintained with the CONCOR staff, it is highly appreciable.
I appreciate the information and advice you have given me from time to time, as well as the specific tracking details from when it was about to reach Chennai and then till it was cleared in Bangalore. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process.
Thank you for all the assistance you have provided me to get my materials delivered to my home. There was very little time between the goods were cleared from Bangalore Customs and then to deliver at my residence – since I was travelling out of city for a vacation, but you went out of your way to make sure that the shipment reached my residence on time. Great Service!
World Wide:
Thanks for doing a wonderful job in packing and shipping the goods in proper condition, it was a peaceful process right from the pickup from Fremont and delivery in Bangalore. I appreciate your great service and the courteous staff who kept me informed at all stages as to how things were moving. I will be happy to refer my friends to avail your service.


Please accept my sincere thanks to you and your team for making an effortless relocation from US to India.
Special thanks to your Chennai team led by Mr. Rasheed. He was very professional and worked with me to complete all tasks. Your Packing team at Los Angeles was also exemplary in rendering a truly great service.
Thanks again for providing outstanding service

Padmakumar M Nair | Senior Vice President & Head | New Delhi Regional Office | SBI Capital Markets Limited

Thanks for everything. I got my goods intact. A special thanks to Mr.Rasheed who helped me at Chennai.
He was very efficient and organized and got things moving fast. Also as promised he delivered the goods on time. Please do thank him.
Thanks to you and your team once again.

Ravichandra Koviloor

Sorry about my delay in sending this mail, shipment arrived and it has reached the way I packed it. 
Shyam - Thank you for always been very responsive and attentive in all the questions.
Rafiq - Thank you for all the help you provided in getting through customs which usually becomes the big hurdle.
I have been very happy with the service and I already had provided your details to many of my friends and will continue to do. 
Only problem was with respect to Laptop where it was always been clear that there will be no customs but we ended up paying more for it but we understand that there was change in Customs side which caused this. Please make sure this is communicated to your customers.


Just wanted to inform you that my wife and I had a wonderful experience at the Inland Container Depot, Bangalore last Friday. We just wanted to thank Rafiq for constantly keeping us updated about the status of our FCL. He promptly apprised us of all the documentation required and made sure that the customs duty applicable was greatly minimized. He took care of all the formalities himself and was very professional. Currently, we have opted to store all our stuff at Container Corporation of India and will be having it delivered to our new apartment in the next couple of weeks
We will definitely publish favorable reviews of your company once we have received and inspected all our belongings at our new apartment.


I have received my shipping items in good condition.
Appreciate your help in facilitating and delivering my shipping goods to my residence.

Vijay Kannan

Thank you for all your help and moving our shipment from US to INDIA. It was really a hassle free experience from my home in CHICAGO to my new home in Bangalore.
I will definitely recommend your service to my friend if they are planning to move from US to INDIA or vice versa.

Abhijeet Chakrabarty | Systems and Integration Technology - SAP: Chicago

Just a note to let you know that you have a good team at Worldwide shipping. Your packing staff  were  very efficient and professional. Rasheed at Chennai knew the customs process and made the entire process very smooth. He is energetic, focused on the job to be done. He is an asset to your company.
Only suggestion I have is for you to have professional people to unpack at destination.
Overall my experience was satisfactory and would recommend your company to others without any reservation.
Wish you all the best

Ragupathy Veluswamy, M.D., MMM, FACPE

I got my the shipment delivered at my place in Bangalore and everything is OK with it. Thanks for the same.
Dear Rasheed - Thanks for all your help and hourly update / coordination in clearing the customs, passport courier as well as delivering the goods at door step. Its an amazing experience and very well co-ordinated.
Once again thanks to you and your enthusiastic team to make it happen, appreciate it...

Debanandan Tripathy | Tata Consultancy Services

We received the packages. Thank you very much for your support throughout the entire process. we are yet open the packages and let you know status of articles. I am yet to receive $50 amount back to my bank account. Can you please look into this and advise..

Chandrasekhar Reddy Chagaleti | Tata Consultancy Services

I am sending this mail in appreciation of the excellent service offered by Mr. Shyam Kumar and his company Worldwide Shipping.
I am very happy with the quality of packing and the overall service delivery of the company. Mr. Shyam Kumar in particular has been very responsive and co-operative and I would highly recommend his name to anyone who is looking for a relocator to shift his/her goods from US to India.

Somesh Singh | State bank of India

Thanks for responding to our request swiftly. We got all the packages delivered home and reassembled. The Staff and Mr. Rafeeq were very cooperative and helpful in helping us at the customs and at home got all the furniture moved and assembled where we wanted. 
We are glad the delivery was done without hiccups.


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